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Handsome bay caught napping on film.
Gulls in the seaweed… a film print.
15. October 2013

Organizing and de-cluttering a closet today, I came across three of my old shoeboxes smashed full of prints and film negatives. While weeding out the worst of it all and squinting through loose negatives to decide what to save, I remembered just how much I love shooting film. As much as I ADORE digital - the freedom, the learning, and the ease of it - there will always be a soft spot in my heart for film. The texture and natural grain, the uncertainty, and the pure chance of it all. As wonderful as digital is… the raw thing will always intrigue me. It’s where I started, after all.

I’m not sharing all of my “keeps”… not even nearly. I may have pared it down to one full shoebox instead of three, but I’ll put up some of my scans from tonight, at the very least.

All that said, I find it *very* necessary now to dust off my old Mamiya/Sekor and peruse Amazon for some good deals on film. :)

Going through some old film. 
Going back through some old film. 

The Dog Walk

Earlier this year Ralph Lauren partnered with the ASPCA to feature adoptable dogs in a special short film called “The Dog Walk”. RL Magazine tracked down some of our furry stars to see what life is like in their new homes.
Where are They Now?

Love this.
Misty morning in Nebraska. Film. Also a print.